We have lots of paintings and sketches of Christ Church all over our campus. I'm not sure any of them really tell the full story. If I were creating one, I'd be sure to include a number of people in our courtyard, including many who are struggling to meet their day to day needs. I heard a preacher recently say that if your church doesn't have beggars, it's not a church, it's a museum.

I might not call them beggars, but every day there are people who come to our doors seeking help. And every day, there are people here to help. I've learned a great deal of respect for these individuals, whether they are here for help with an electric bill, to get some food for their family, to learn English, or because they are in need of spiritual assistance, they know to come to Christ Church. Even those who do not necessarily "qualify" for help aren't just told "no" and sent away without any guidance.

On Sundays we have hundreds of people coming for assistance, as well as to offer it to one another through our corporate worship experiences. It really is a holy place.

I hope you've taken the opportunity to attend one of the listening sessions with our Rector Search Committee. Regardless, please make sure you fill out the online survey they will be sending out this week. My previous two parishes went through the transition to a new rector while I was there and this is a unique opportunity to help chart the direction for the parish's future. It's exciting to think that our next Rector is out there somewhere perhaps with no idea how significantly his or her life will change in the next few years. And our lives will be changed too. Change can be hard but change can be good. Not everyone's wishes likely will be met, but with our continued prayers I am confident that God will provide. God always does.