A few Sundays ago, June 29, the Episcopal Church had a voluntary day to stretch its capacity and participate in Social Media Sunday. Christ Church participated in this endeavor at all of its services. Some of you know this because you were there and are in one of the photos that I took during the announcements.

Others of you know this because someone reached out to you via Facebook, Twitter, or a text or email to pass the Peace to you. At 10:00 a.m. that Sunday morning, #Episcopal was trending on Twitter -- usually that is reserved for celebrity or sports news but this time it was to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Some people say that the Episcopal Church does not have evangelism in its DNA. I firmly disagree. While you may not know it, the incorporation name for the Episcopal Church is the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. That's the work that God calls each of us to do, to engage in the missionary work of sharing how the Holy Spirit works in each of us, to share God's love with the world, to share the open welcome, grace, and salvation of Jesus with everyone, including your neighbor. I've said it before, conversion is God's work, not ours. All we need to do is share our story, which is not that hard. As Arthur Miller, parishioner, volunteer, usher, and staff member, says, "I'm just sharing something good."

I hope that next Sunday you will think about and pray for someone who needs a bit of the Good News. Then share the Peace of The Lord with him or her. Write, tell, text, or type that person to let them know that you were thinking about and praying for them. And while you're on a roll, invite them to come to church with you next Sunday. Wouldn't that make a great status update?