The picture is the Christ Church group on the banks of the sea of Galilee on the 240th anniversary of Christ Church. Here is a reflection from pilgrim and senior warden, Ann McMurray.


As I write this from the Holy Land, I am struck by the coincidence that this is the same day Christ Church will celebrate its 240th anniversary. As we are walking in the way of Jesus – today, on the Mount of Beatitudes and in Capernaum overlooking the Sea of Galilee – you are worshipping our Lord, and giving thanks for our beloved church, in Alexandria on the banks of the Potomac River. In fact, we determined that, in the same hour, we will be celebrating the Eucharist. With the seven hour time difference, our evening service and your morning worship will coincide. Significantly, Ann Gillespie will be our celebrant tonight. Women priests are not permitted to officiate in Israel, but because we are lodging at a German guesthouse, Ann can preside over our service.  How wonderful for us!

Traveling this ancient land, it is hard to grasp just how very young Christ Church really is, that 240 years is a mere blip in the span of time.  The colonial days of George and Martha Washington seem almost like yesterday when you consider the biblical times of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, whose tombs we visited several days ago in Hebron. But what does become crystal clear is the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are bound by God’s love throughout the ages and across the seas.

As we all strive to "hear what the spirit is saying," know that we pilgrims hold you all in our prayers.