Green is not a color you normally think of when you think of Israel/Palestine. Having just come out of a seven-year drought (positively biblical!) this region has had record amounts of rain this winter. Three weeks ago, Jerusalem even had snow!


My daughter, Wesley, looked out the bus window today and said with incredulity, “It’s Vermont green!” We drive by blankets of yellow and purple wildflowers sprinkled with the occasional red poppy where there is usually only rock and dry scrub brush. Scarlet roses are blooming and tufts of pale lavender rosemary blossoms line the roadways. I’ve never seen so much color here. Look how gorgeous this furrowed field in the West Bank is. The puffs of white on the stepped terraces are almond trees in bloom. This is the land that God promised to Abraham’s descendants. This is the promised land of milk and honey to which Moses led the Israelite people. You can see why so many people go crazy over this land. It’s even affected some of our pilgrims. In fact, parishioner Betsy Powell fell in love with her 25-lb. cauliflower – another sign of the prodigious water supply this year. As her priest, I promise to keep an eye on her!


Actually, we did hear the other day about something called Jerusalem psychosis. This occurs when people visiting the Holy Land, lose touch with reality and suddenly believe they are Jesus or John the Baptist who have finally found their way home. Apparently it happens enough to have a name for this delusion. We also heard that the cure is to put them in a taxicab to Tel Aviv!