The past few weeks in choir rehearsals, as we have begun our practice time by reviewing hymns for the upcoming Sunday, I have regularly remarked "Gosh, isn't this a great hymn?!"  I hold the belief that the Advent section of hymns in the Hymnal 1982, is the richest section found in the book. There are just so many fantastic Advent hymns to try and cram into four weeks. They are rich in poetry, theology, and musicality. I find myself often wishing that Advent was longer than just four weeks so that we could have more time to spend with these hymns.

There is a movement in the church, known as "The Advent Conspiracy," which seeks to make the season of Advent last six Sundays rather than four. They argue that at one point the season was six weeks long in the past and the lectionary readings begin talking about the second coming of Christ two weeks before we begin Advent. If this is to happen, one would be financially wise to invest in companies that manufacture Advent wreaths fitted for six candles! I can't argue one way or the other, but I just love Advent hymns so I wouldn't complain if it was lengthened. Another observation - our congregation sings Advent hymns very well. We sing most hymns quite well, but the volume level goes up a notch on most of our Advent hymns.

Do you have a favorite Advent hymn? I'd be curious what your favorite one is, and more importantly, why?