Two of the dominant news stories of the past month have dealt with the "missing." First is the missing Malaysian airline and secondly, the missing Nigerian girls (let us all continue to pray for their safety and their return). Additional newsmakers over the past few weeks seem to be "missing" some common sense with their absurd/offensive comments, and it seems that civil bipartisanship is missing in our government. 

Not in the news, but on my mind, there are those people who have been "missing" from church lately. Jobs, family commitments, lack of motivation - they all make compelling reasons to skip Sunday mornings. I admit to not knowing everyone in the parish, but I recognize faces and while I might not even know the names, I realize when certain people go "missing" from our pews.

Growing up, I rarely recall not being taken to church on Sunday mornings. To be honest, I don't even recall it ever being an option to skip church. If we didn't show up for more than two weeks in a row, we'd undoubtedly be contacted by someone from the church asking if everything was ok.

Obviously, we can't really do this at Christ Church. We have lots of members, and we certainly hope that people come to church not out of a duty or guilt, but rather because they want to be there.

In reviewing some recent college commencement speeches, I was struck by a line that David Brooks of the New York Times delivered. He encouraged students to "join a club (group/organization) that meets at least once a month, that produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income." Belonging to a group is important; community matters!

So, if you're reading this and haven't been in the pews lately, know you're missed. I might not even know your name, but I miss seeing you in church.