Last week was Vacation Bible School at Christ Church. It was a fantastic week with 100 kids and over 70 youth and adult volunteers to make the week work well for safety as well as learning about God’s love for everyone. Each day at VBS began and ended with worship in the historic church, requiring some preparation and clean up. As the worship director for the VBS, I spent A LOT of time in the church last week and so I also had the chance to give a number of impromptu tours of the church.

The Washington Pew was the tech control booth for the week, so visitors could not have the standard Christ Church experience of sitting in the Washington Pew, but I shared various parts of our parish’s history with those who came. This is the church not just of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, but also where President and Mrs. Roosevelt prayed with Winston Churchill for peace, where Rosa Parks spoke about justice, and where Archbishop Desmond Tutu preached Jesus’ love for you and me.

All but a few were excited to see that this church is not just another historic site but is a living, breathing, active congregation – VBS and all. Visitors came from Montana, Kentucky, California, Ottawa and Montreal Canada, Texas, Florida, New York, Missouri, and other places. Some wanted to pray in the church, as well as visit. Many prayed God’s blessings on our work. And not one of them identified him or her self as an Episcopalian. Yet they found a warm welcome in Christ’s church.

If you come to visit the church during the month of July, you won’t see the posters and multicolored bunting that transformed the church into the Kingdom Rock VBS.

church-vbsblog.jpgWhat you will see are photos in the windows of the church as part of the Love Makes a Family exhibit, which we are hosting for the month of July. The families that make up God’s family come in many shapes and forms, including members of the LGBT community. There is more information about the exhibit in the July edition of the Rejoice, click here to read it. The Out and About group will host a reception tea on July 21 at 3:00 p.m. to accompany the exhibit. Please spread the word around to those you know and invite them to check out the exhibit.

Whether art enthusiasts, children who love Jesus, visitors coming in from out of town, or the next person in the pew, all are welcome at Christ’s church of Christ Church. Who does God want you to invite to come to church next Sunday?