Many churches, including Christ Church, have established ways and means by which members can plan for and name the church in their estate planning. The Trustees of the Christ Church Foundation have made available materials outlining ways by which we can include Christ Church in our financial directives following our deaths. As well, members of the Foundation are available to advise, pray with and assist all of us whenever we, with some trepidation, turn towards the future and contemplate our deaths.        

Though it may not necessarily be our first thought--especially if we are young in our years--estate planning is one aspect of stewardship all Christians are called to address.  David Trueblood once wrote an oft-quoted statement defining Christian stewardship in response to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him: People have made a start at understanding the meaning of life when they plant trees under which they know they will never sit.

We recognize here Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed.  The smallest of seeds--thought by some not to matter very much--when it takes root, flourishes and matures, the mustard seed grows in size becoming a mighty resource for birds of the air to nest and raise their young.  From the smallest of seeds, new and unimagined lives and ways flourish in the future.  That insignificant thing planted long ago becomes something majestic and vital through the goodness and Grace of God.

Over and over again, God raises up and allows to flourish that which was thought to be small and insignificant.   Joseph, the dreamer, envied, dismissed and sold into slavery by his brothers, becomes the way by which the people of the Covenant survive famine and drought.  David, the youngest and least of his brothers, becomes the great king of Israel.  Our first intentions--small and insignificant in the beginning--can flourish, becoming a strong and viable resource handsomely affirming new life in the future.  So it is with the Church, and so it is with Christ Church. 

We are inviting and encouraging members to take the “long view” at Christ Church.  With an illustrious history and legacy, Christ Church is poised for an exciting, Spirit-filled, and dynamic future.  Expecting change overnight, we forget that the mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds, did not flourish in an instant.  Rather, by the Grace of God as well as the good stewardship of its members, Christ Church will flourish well and long into the future.  We are today planting seeds: inspiration, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, servant leadership, patience, wisdom that shall grow and mature in the future and for which our children and children’s children will be glad.  Though we may not now see, may others be witnesses of the great and glorious generosity of God.