I don’t know why some people give Advent a bad rap. I’ve listened to people complain about having to sing “those boring Advent hymns, almost always in a minor key” for years. Seriously?

I think much of that must come from not actually knowing many of the Advent hymns. I will admit that if I were to list my top ten favorite hymns, many of them would be Advent hymns. Yes, some are in a minor key, but that does not make them sad. The hymns speak of the turning from darkness to light, the seemingly crazy ramblings of John the Baptist, the confidence that our times of sorrow and longing are soon to be over, and the confidence that God does not abandon God’s people.

It’s hard to try to get all of these hymns presented in the course of just four Sundays. There’s a liturgical movement afoot to actually make Advent longer than four Sundays – to help make the season not just a prelude to Christmas, but more of a focused season that does not rely on Christmas at all. I don’t have any strong opinions on it myself, though the option to have more Sundays of singing so many great hymns appeals to me personally!