Starting each new year we say “This year will be different.” Many times we try to make our resolutions stick, however overly ambitious they are, and more often than not, we fail. We say, “I will read one book a week for this year.” Then we quickly fall behind when work, family, and new seasons of Netflix shows begin to tug at our time.

Why not make small resolutions that can slowly become a habit over the course of a few months, and second nature by the summer? Recently I read a tweet saying “Go to the gym to keep your body in shape, go to the therapist to keep your spirit in shape.”

Often times we make bold resolutions for others to see and give us a pat on the back, but how often do we make a resolution that no one could see? How often do we think about our own spiritual self-care? We can start small by practicing 30 seconds of morning prayer on the daily commute before we fully commit to seeing a spiritual director or therapist to keep our spirit in shape.

There are many resources out there to assist on your spiritual journey. Pray as You Go is a simple daily podcast for contemplation. The idea is you would listen to Pray as You Go while you commute to work, running errands, or stretching before a workout.

The Society of St John the Evangelist has a daily email, “Brother Give Us a Word.” Every day you will see in your mailbox a lovely and thought out meditation.

Building Faith is a treasure trove of resources for various faith building for all ages. I would like to direct you to their “Home Practices” section. You can find all sorts of spiritual resources for driving, before meals, end of your day, etc.

 These are some of the best resources on the internet. All of them are meant to be a small stepping stone, not a grand overly ambitious spiritual proclamation of spiritual health, but something to ease us into a daily spiritual practice that takes seconds — not minutes — but seconds. Start slow and small to make it an easy habit before taking long running strides.

Keep your spirit in shape.