The Episcopal Church is in the midst of General Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Episcopal Church gathers every three years to review and plan for the future of the church. Various committees will meet about various items from Liturgy to Faith Formation.

Every diocese in the Episcopal Church sends a deputation with equal parts clergy and laity, including alternates, as their elected representatives to convention. Christ Church happens to be home to two deputies, Cindi Bartol and Russ Randle who serve in the House of Deputies with a few other deputies from the Diocese of Virginia. Over the course of nine days General Convention will participate in worship services, and prayerfully discern the present and future of the church

If you want to see the larger church at work, meet new people from around the church, and understand more about the Episcopal Church please find the time to attend as an observer for a few days when the conventions comes closer to our area. The whole convention is fascinating.

Every third convention, or every nine years, the House of Bishops elects a new Presiding Bishop which is then affirmed by the House of Deputies. The Presiding Bishop is the first among equals, and essentially runs the church and represents the church to the wider Anglican Communion. This year The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry was overwhelmingly elected from a well qualified slate. He currently serves as the Bishop of The Diocese of North Carolina and will become the first African-American Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Curry is a dynamic preacher and leader who will represent the Episcopal Church for the next nine years as Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori ends her nine year term.

The installation of Bishop Curry as Presiding Bishop will be November 1, 2015 at Washington National Cathedral. It is a joyous time to be in the Episcopal Church! If you would like to know more about General Convention please check out their website by clicking here.