Thanksgiving arrives this week and brings a bevy of different emotions. Many will bemoan the travel, the consumerist tendencies clouding the holiday, and snap reactions on social media about trivial “wars” on different holidays. I will travel to Knoxville this weekend to be with my wife’s family. The house will be packed with a family I dearly love. We thoroughly enjoy this time. Relaxing, catching up, watching football and basketball (go Kentucky!), enjoying the fall air, and being with one another as we break bread.

Driving to Knoxville for Thanksgiving has been my tradition for nearly a decade. I have podcasts ready to play for the drive, the car is ready for our two dogs, and bags are packed. This is a wonderful tradition - even the mundane tasks such as packing of the car - I relish every year.

But I would be remiss if I did not mention those much less fortunate. Those without family, without somewhere cozy, those who have family struggles, and those who experience hunger.

Christ Church alleviates some of this concern. I have never seen so much food in the Meade Room to be given away. Over the last few weeks people have been bringing in bags of food. I even ran into parishioners in the grocery store with carts full of food to give away.

Sunday was an “all hands on deck” type of day. Children, youth, and adults came together to sort and unpack hundreds of bags. Tables collapsed under the weight of all of the food. A table collapsing full of food is nerve wracking in the moment, it becomes comforting in retrospect. A table collapsing means we had a whole lot of food to give to those without.

I hope every year we have tables collapsing from so much food. Let’s collapse tables with our abundance and help those without a table.

Thank you Christ Church for your generosity.