A young elementary school aged member of Christ Church wrote about Christ Church for her class assignment. Read the perspective from the eyes of a younger member of Christ Church. I thought I should share this because as the title states “Christ Church is the Best.

Christ Church is the Best

I feel that Christ Church is the best because we have awesome programs, three different service times, and lots of family events, and finally its rich history and much more at Christ Church.

People love Christ Church because of its flexible service times. If you’re an early riser, the 8:00am service is the one for you. If you like to sleep in a bit more, the 10:00 a.m. service would be perfect. But once I had lacrosse in the morning and couldn't make it to church. If you’re stuck in a sticky situation like this, or you’re super busy Sunday morning, come to the 5:00 p.m. Mass.

It is certain that that one of the biggest reason people love Christ Church is because of its programs. There is the 20/30 Vision group group. Another example is the youth group. They meet every Sunday night and go on fun outings. Then there is Sunday school, my personal favorite. We do fun drama, cooking, story, science, and art according to our unit.

For this reason Christ Church is amazing, family events. There is coffee hour before the 10:00 a.m. Mass. And the third Sunday of the month after the 8:00 a.m. Mass is yummy breakfast by all volunteers and homemade. We have snacks in the Meade Room after every Mass every Sunday. Then the best one is Potluck Brunch. Everyone who attends is encouraged to bring something. In good weather it will be on the lawn. If not it is in the Auditorium.

My last reason is Christ Church’s rich history. First of all did you know George Washington went to my church? Well he did! We have a grave in the church honoring him. He even left one of his Bibles to Christ Church! We donated it to Mount Vernon because they can take better care of it, but we get it every so often. Robert Edward Lee also went to Christ Church. He has a grave in the church too. As well as a plaque that shows where he was confirmed into his faith. My last awesome reason is during the Revolutionary War my church helped soldiers from both sides (that is why we have so many graves). But just to be safe they actually threw our baptism bowl into the Pacific! We had to staple it back together!

Here is her closing paragraph: