Those who know me well know that I’m not a “foodie.” As a friend of mine put it, “I eat to live, I don’t live to eat.” Given a choice of any type of food at any price, I’d likely always choose bar-b-q or Mexican food. Fancy food is wasted on me. So, it should not come as a surprise that I find myself drawn to particular fast food chains.

Two Saturdays ago I was grabbing a late lunch at a Popeye's not too far from my home in D.C. After I sat down with my food, a well dressed woman sat across from me and asked me if I knew about Jesus. Before I could answer “yes” she launched into a long soliloquy about how Jesus is real, is alive, cares about me, and is preparing to come back at any moment now. She then started listing all of the signs she sees and which the Bible foretells signaling that the end times are near. I kept trying to interrupt her to explain that I’m a Christian, I work for a church, and that she was wasting her time and energy on me. But, she seemed to have plenty of time and energy because she spoke for nearly five minutes straight before I managed to get a single word in.

I thanked her for what she had to share with me, explained that I worked for a Christian Church (I thought it might be best to just leave out the specifics about working for an Episcopal church), and that I was blessed and wished her a wonderful day.

She sat down, I took a drink of my tea, and she then stood back up and asked me if I read the Bible. I told her that I did, but admitted probably not as much as I should. She told me that the only Bible bothering to read was the King James Version, that everything else would lead me down the wrong path. “You must choose wisely young man!” I wasn’t so sure what she was after with the King James Version, but I gave her a pass and decided to avoid any argument given the fact that she referred to me as “young.”

She sat down, and I ate the rest of my meal in peace. But, every time someone walked into the restaurant, she was sure to yell out “Good afternoon! Jesus loves you and I pray that you’ll be blessed and have a wonderful day.” Admittedly, it was a bit comical. My eyes caught those of many others whenever she repeated her welcome.

When I was done eating, I managed to walk out with a group of other people also leaving. I got in my car and just as soon as I started it, this woman was knocking on my window. Slightly worried, I cracked the window to ask her what she needed. She told me that she just wanted to remind me that Jesus loves me and that she wanted me to have a blessed and wonderful day. I thanked her and told her the same thing. I’m not sure this is the best form of evangelism, but I give the woman credit for not hiding her faith under a bushel. And, the more I have thought about it, the more I’m thankful of her reminder. It is my understanding that God is forever telling us God loves us and that we should be enjoying each moment of the day. We sometimes meet God in the strangest of places.