Graduating from Virginia Theological Seminary last week brought my parents to town over Memorial Day weekend. When visitors come, I feel the obligation for them to experience Washington D.C. by visiting museums, monuments, memorials, etc. Even though they were able to see many of the area attractions, one of their favorite parts of the week occurred at Christ Church.

We all took the tour of Christ Church during the week led by the incredible docents. I have learned nuggets about the history of Christ Church over the last 8 months or so, but I always seem to learn something new, and this was the first time I went on a formal tour of the church. Who knew there was a fish embedded in one of the windows?

Have you taken a tour of Christ Church with one of the docents? If you have not taken a tour, I highly encourage you all to do so in order to get a better understanding of the history of Christ Church. The docents do an incredible job of telling people about the rich history of Christ Church. My parents said they loved hearing the history of Christ Church, and then worshiping at Christ Church on Pentecost. The space had a much bigger impact on them. The church is never just the walls, but the history of Christ Church is not lost.

During the summer Christ Church will see a plethora of tourists. If you find yourself with some time during the hours the church is open, come to Christ Church for a tour with one of the excellent docents.