This year both of my daughters are back in the same school and both (cue dramatic sound clip!) are in middle school. Middle school is the schooling season that brings up all kinds of past anxiety for parents, often times matched by real fears and concerns of students today. Suddenly your child has a new set of friends who did not go to the same elementary school with parents you may not meet for months. Who will they sit with at lunch? What will they experience on the bus? How will they get all of the homework done? Are they up to meeting the challenges and responsibilities that are set before them?

And yet, God knows and loves them, even more than we parents do, far beyond to the moon and back. As Psalm 139:1 -2 reminds us:


As a parent, I take for myself Psalm 139 and tie it together with an oft-quoted passage from St. Julian of Norwich’s Showings where Jesus says to her:


Even though there was no middle school in 1400’s Britain, I think we can apply the thought and prayer forward to our time, lay our (and their) anxieties down, and focus on God’s love and presence with us and those we love.