I was noticing the write up of the release of Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming diluvian epic, Noah. Incidentally, after they built the ark for the film in the planting fields of Oyster Bay, the ship withstood with nary a shingle amiss Superstorm Sandy when it ripped up more than 300 trees from the surrounding arboretum.

Critics have argued that it looks nothing like a boat, but rather a windowless log cabin slathered with pitch, as if Noah was a little tenuous about building a water-borne cradle to launch creation on a voyage to save what was best from the Garden of Eden. Defenders of the film responded, “by boat implies, to us, a destination,” something the Lord never provided Noah. “If the Earth is covered with water, then why do you need a keel?”

This conversation reminded me of how at sea we are. If it had a keel, not many in our time I know of have the arm of leadership to steer it and is perhaps why we don’t know where we are going. There are, however, some I would hand the tiller to unreservedly. They typically show up as honorees in cities, towns, and communities for their leadership in serving the commonweal. They are striking for their passion and courage in transforming neighborhoods where everyone benefits from their fight for what is right. Look for them in media releases celebrating the best and brightest of 2012.