Mini-Spiritual Direction with Rev. Ann

What do you do, at the end of the day, right before you fall asleep? Deepak Chopra suggests that you review your day in about two minutes: noting what occurred without judgment, as if you were watching the movie of your day in fast-forward. (Chopra also suggests that right after you wake up, you do the same thing with your dreams!) When I can remember to do it, I look back at the end of the day and ask myself: where was I in alignment with God’s flow? I take some time to identify the situations or interactions or moments that felt alive with the Spirit. The flow moments usually had a sense of ease or light or surprise to them. Then I ask: where today was I out of alignment, when was I led astray by my ego or my sense of how things should be instead of how they are? There are always some of those.

Just by noticing the difference, I flex the muscle of remembering what it feels like to be in flow with God.  The stronger that muscle gets, I find I can get out of the way more easily, to let myself be led by divine guidance. I find that if I can align myself with God’s flow then things take less work. Tasks are not so effortful since I’m not doing it all by myself. When I am in alignment with God’s flow, I find my level of energy and creativity is high and resourceful. When I am in alignment with God’s flow, I end up in places I could never have imagined, but it always feels right.

If you are feeling stuck right now about anything, try tonight to identify where in your life things are in flow with God. It’s often easier to see behind you than it is in front of you. Everyone has moments of each – being in flow and out of flow – multiple times in a day. If you can identify places where flow is, then you can get familiar with what being in flow feels like. When you can feel flow, then you can invite that flow into the places that seem stuck. Pretty soon, they won’t be. Try it. And let me know how you’re doing.