This past Sunday, our Cherub Choir sang for the final time this program year. As expected, they did a great job. Working with these young singers is a highlight of my week. They are enthusiastic, energetic, inquisitive, loving, and fun.

These young choristers (ages 4-7) rehearse each Wednesday afternoon. They learn simpler songs which they can memorize (reading skills aren’t quite there yet) and then sing for one of our services each month. They also learn about sharing, some basic rhythm skills, a few notes on the music staff, differences in dynamics, and about functioning as an ensemble.

I’m frequently inspired by the way these kids work together. As the music is memorized, there are occasional “memory slips” by some. But other kids keep the song going. Those who have wandered down a wrong path are brought back into the fold quickly when they hear the right words being sung. It would be difficult for most of them to handle the responsibility of singing the song alone in church. There are too many distractions – mom and dad often being chief among them! But, they are a team and they work together to support one each other in their songs.


They also understand that they aren’t singing in church for any other reason than to praise God. Yes, four-year-olds can comprehend the concept of worship. The choristers are accustomed to the following exchange:

Me:  “Who do you sing for?”

Choristers: “God.”

Me: “But who do you watch?”

Choristers: “You!!!”

Sometimes they are better about watching me than at other times. Again, it’s easy to get distracted in church. I well understand because it happens to me all of the time! But, I hope that their offerings somehow enhance your own worship experience. If so, I hope you will reach out to them and express your appreciation. Don’t tell them how cute they are – of course, they’re cute! But they don’t have to be in the choir to be cute. Rather, thank them for the time they give to being in the choir and for offering a joyful noise in our worship.

I’m so thankful for these choristers – they help to deepen my own faith (and keep me on my toes). Many thanks to Genevieve, Evelyn, Barbara, Ellie, Nicholas, Lincoln, Mina, Charlotte, Freya, Katie, Meredith, and Lucy.