You remember that business about your body is God’s temple? This is a new year. Perhaps we can be kind to our bodies so that we may better enjoy the spiritual gifts that God is trying to send our way. Here is some advice I came across recently from my chiropractor, Dr. Cynthia Durakis, that could benefit many of us as we launch healthy practices for the new year:

1. Go to bed on time.

2. Find some regular time to exercise. A walk and fifteen minutes of core stretching and strengthening is a minimum!

3. Simplify and clean up your diet. For some of us, that can be as simple as a breakfast of nuts and berries (frozen are fine in a pinch) mixed with a little Greek yogurt and sprinkled with muesli. Remember to have some vegetables on the plate at lunch and dinner.

4. Learn to love your job or take steps to change it. It’s also good to do this with relationships.

5. Create a few minutes of quiet time every day. Turn off the TV. Computers, etc. and establish a no-phone zone.

6. If you’re feeling out of balance, stiff, sore, or fatigued it might a good time to consult a professional before it leads to something overwhelming.

Happy New Year.