Everyone is welcome to participate in worship, fellowship, and service we provide to the community. Service outreach is done locally, and mission outreach is done state-wide, nationally, or across the globe. 

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Becoming a Member of Christ Church

We'd like to get to know you! Please complete and return our membership form, which can be found here.

We believe that an important part of our community is understanding what membership means and then delving into the practices that can help each person progress deeper into his or her spiritual path. Here is the four-part template that we offer for reflection: 

  1. Worship and prayer. Participating in our corporate worship at least once a week and developing a regular practice of prayer;
  2. Study. Ongoing learning about our faith nourishes our minds and hearts and keeps us connected to God and each other;
  3. Ministry. All baptized Christians are ministers. At Christ Church, every member is encouraged to serve in at least one of our parish ministries that serve the church and the world;
  4. Stewardship. As members of Christ Church, we recognize that God is continually reaching out to us and that we have a desire to respond to God in love. Daily, we can choose to be good stewards of all that God has given us through our care and use of our life, time, energy, talent, and money. Completing a pledge card is one way to give back to God with a sense of gratitude. At Christ Church, we encourage proportional giving, remembering that that the Biblical tithe is 10 percent, and working toward that goal.

If you want to become an official member of Christ Church, there are certain steps to take. The ones you choose depend on where you are on your personal journey. If you are:

  • Never baptized. Please talk to any of our clergy about how to be baptized as an adult. 
  • Baptized, but not confirmed. Christian faith traditions vary. Some people get baptized as babies or children, for others it's an adult decision.  As the tradition in the Episcopal Church is to baptize the very young (although we baptize all ages), there is a second step to take as an adult to accept the promises made at baptism as your own. The Covenant Class at Christ Church offers a comprehensive introduction to the Episcopal Church within a small group setting (12 – 15 people).  We do confirmations once a year, when the bishop of our diocese visits us.
  • Confirmed, but not Episcopalian. There is the opportunity to be received into the church. You might want to take the confirmation class to be sure you know what the Episcopal Church is about first. We do receptions at the same time as confirmations, when the bishop visits.
  • Confirmed Episcopalian. Please click here to let us know from which church we can request the letter of transfer.  Please remember to include your children (if any) as the other church may not know they are yours.

Covenant Class information

The Covenant Class at Christ Church offers a comprehensive introduction to the Episcopal Church within a small group setting.  These classes are intended for adult seekers who want to explore their faith, those who simply want to learn more about the Episcopal Church, and everything in between. Participating in Covenant Class is wonderful way for newcomers to Christ Church to get better acquainted with the clergy, staff, parish leadership, and other parishioners. 

Covenant Class provides an opportunity for genuine fellowship, a chance to make new friends, a safe place to ask difficult questions - and most importantly, a sacred space in which to begin to live out God’s invitation to your heart.   

The Covenant Class holds two sessions of classes a year and meets on certain Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:45 p.m. For more information or to find out the date and time of the next Covenant Class meeting, please contact Linda Fischer, covenant class co-moderator. Click here to send Linda an email.

For more information about Covenant Class, click here.