Inscriptions from the oldest tombstones in the churchyard

  • In Memory of Roger Chew of Alexandria who died March 1811
  • -- Hughes  who died Oct 28th, 1794 Aged 3 years 
  • Sacred to the memory of Col. Charles Simms an officer of the Army of Independence, and for many years an honored citizen of Alexandria and Mayor of this city in 1814. He died in the year 1819. He was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati and a friend of Genl Washington
  • Here lyeth the remains of John Hutchings only son of John and Mary Hutchings, in the borough of Norfolk, born Nov. 13th 1774 died Sep. 27, 1800, aged 25. Go my dear youth, obey the call of Heaven    Thy sins were few, we trust they are forgiven.   Yet, oh! what pen can paint the parents woe    God only gives the balm who struck the blow, adieu.
  • Here lieth the body of John Muir, late merchant of Alexandria, eldest son of Hugh Muir mercht of Dumfries in Scotland, Who departed this life March 20th A.D. 1791 in the 60th year of his Age. A friend to all, a foe to none    Firm to the end where justice rules the sway    Mild without weakness without rigour just    Farewell my kindest friends     Mercy & truth follow each other E.M.
  • In memory of Henry Winston who departed this life May 20th, 1807, aged 54 years. 
  • In memory of T.A. West who departed this life July 23rd, 1700, aged 36 years. 
  • Here lieth the body of Robert Muir, son of Hugh Muir, Merchant of Dumfries, Scotland, who departed this life December 21, 1786, aged about 38 years. 
  • John Boyer departed this life the 19th November 1802 In the 46 year of his Age. Farewell my spouse & children dear     As you must yet remain      The Lord of Hosts be your defence      Till we de mete again 
  • In memory of Mary Moore the wife of Ste Phin Moore, who Departed this life April 24 1795 aged 35 years. 
  • In memory of Sarah the wife of John Wrenn who died August 13, 1792, aged 28 years. All you who come my grave to see As I am now you soon will be. Prepare and turn to God in time For I was taken in my prime. 
  • Erected in memory of Eleanor Wrenn the wife of Mr. Daniel Wrenn, who departed this life in the 7th day of April in the year of our Lord 1798, aged 32 years. Revelations Chapter 14, verse XLII. This stone was placed over her by the order of her disconsolate husband, who was left with two children to lament his loss - John Renweld, her son being only three years old when his mother departed this life, and Dinah Eleanor the daughter aged seven days. 
  • In memory of Jenny Herbert, wife of Thomas Herbert, who departed this life 24th day of March 1803, in the 45th year of her age. 
  • In memory of Henry Zimmerman, who departed this life on the 16th of November 1806 in the 52nd year of his age. 
  • Erected Sacred to the memory of Hetty Weeks, wife of Edward Weeks, merchant of Alexandria, who departed this life the 3rd of February, Anno Dom., 1800, aged 20 years. 
  • In memory of Fanny McCue, the daughter of Henry and Harriet McCue, who died January 24, 1792, aged 8 years. Weep not for me my parents dear, I am not Dead, but sleeping here. As I am now you all must be. Prepare yourselves to follow me. 
  • Jane Selden, Ann Swann, John Swann, Mrs Swann
  • David T. House who departed this life...aged 15 months and four days 
  • Much Lamented was William Daingerfield Ross    son of Edward and Isabelle Ross, who departed this life November 25th 1806 Aged 27 years. 
  • In memory of Hannah Limerick, wife of John Limerick, born in April 1762, departed this life the 17th day of June, 1802, aged 40 years. 
  • In memory of Henry Latimer, who departed this life on the 12th day of December in the year of our Lord 1800, aged 12 years. Who affliction sore long time he bore, Physicians was in vain Till God was pleased Death should him seize And ease him of his pain. Oh Death, where is thy sting, Oh, grave where is thy victory? 
  • Edward Lewis Departed this life January 6, 1800 Aged 53 years.
  • Mary ? Crowe, The wife of Lanty Crowe of Alexandria    Who died June 24th 1794, Aged 32 years 
  • Cyrus Tossler (Toffler) died Aug. 17th, 1803. Aged 20 months 
  • In memory of Jonathan Tossler (Toffler) who died July 24th, 1797 aged 18 months 
  • Sacred to the memory of John Myers of Jarmney who departed this life 17th March 1802 in the 42 year of his Aged. After a long and painful illness, which he bore with uncommon Fortitude and resignation. Do not mourn for me my friends   Or shake at death's alarm's   Tis but the voice of Jesus sends   To call my to his arms. 
  • In memory of Henry Boyer who departed this life on March 7, 1799 Aged 43 years and 14 days. [Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.] All you that come my grave to see        Prepare yourselves to follow me.      Repent and turn to God in time.     You may be taken in your prime. 
  • James B. Roberts, departed this life June 12, 1800, aged 4 years and 6 months 
  • In memory of Dorathy Harper, uxor of John W. Harper, who departed this life 3 of September, 1800, after an indisposition of 3 years and 5 months. Aged 42 years and 8 months. 
  • Here lies the body of Mr. Isaac Pierce. Born in Boston, son of Mr. Isaac Pierce, Distiller, who departed this life March 26, 1771, aged 24 years. 
  • Here lie the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, the late consort of the Rev. Thomas Davis, Rector of this Parish. She was related to several of the most prominent families in Virginia and Maryland. She lived deservedly esteemed by all the worthy of her acquaintance and died justly lamented on the 9th of May 1800, aged 59. (Rev. Mr. Davis conducted the funeral services of George Washington) 
  • This monument is sacred to the memory of the once loved and esteemed Captain George Mumford of New London in the Colony of Connecticut. He departed this Transitory Life at Georgetown, July 7th, 1773, in the 28th year of his age. Behold fond man, see here thy pictured life Pass some few years thy flowery spring Thy summer's ardent strength Thy silver Autumn fading into age And pale concluding winter comes at last And shifts the scene. 
  • Sacred to the memory of Bethanath McLean, son of Daniel and Lucretia McLean, born November the 25, 1795, at twelve o'clock P.M. and departed this life August 15th, 1798, at 11 o'clock P.M. 
  • In memory of Jacob Reisler who departed this life October the 10th, 1805 aged 17 years and 11 mos. Make the extended skies your tomb, let stars record your worth    You know vain mortals all must die, as Nature's ficklest birth. In thy fair book of life Divine, my God inscribe my name    Then let it fill some humble place beneath the slaughtered Lamb 
  • Anna (Charles) Bridger Roberts      In memory of James B. Roberts, son of Robert and Bridget Roberts, departed this life the 12th day of January 1800, aged 4 yrs. and 6 months. 
  • In memory of William Dunn of Alexandria Who died Decr 25th, 1787 aged 39 years. [Corporal in the Revolutionary War.]
  • In memory of Leah Campbell, wife of James Campbell, who departed this life, Oct. 11th, 1803, aged 29 years. ["Leah Campbell's husband Capt. James Campbell was in the Revolutionary Navy and is buried in one of the Alexandria cemeteries. His grave was marked by the D.A.R. with appropriate ceremonies about ten years ago." (Aug 16, 1951, letter to Dr. O.V.T. Chamberlain from Frank G. Campbell)]
  • Mary Ann Thornton, wife of William Thornton 
  • In memory of George Sexsmith, son of Mathew Sexsmith. Departed this life June 30th, 1797 Aged 1 Year & 8 months. 
  • In memory of Caleb Smith Jun who departed this life July 14, 1803 Aged 38 years. 
  • Two posts (stone) are placed in the churchyard marking the grave of Thomas Winterberry. One is inscribed with the initials T.W. 
  • In memory of Wm. Thomas, son of Richard and Mary Thomas of Cecil Co., Maryland. 
  • Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Anne Warren, daughter of John Brinton Esq. of England, and wife of William Warren Esq., one of the managers of the Philadelphia and Baltimore Theaters. By her loss the American stage has been deprived of one of its Brightest Ornaments. The unrivalled excellence of theatrical talents was surpassed by the mighty virtues and accomplishments which adorned her private life. In her were contained the affectionate wife and mother and the sincere friend. She died at Alexandria June 28, 1808.
  • Philip Marsteller born 1741 and died 1803, Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolutionary War and a member of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention, July 1776.
  • Benjamin Chapin born 1736 and died 1781, a surgeon in the Revolutionary War
  • Michael McMahon born 1758 and died 1786, a soldier in the Revolutionary War

The Confederate Monument

The Inscription reads:

How sleep the brave, who sink to rest

By all their Country's wishes blest,

Beneath this mound lie the remains of thirty-four CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS, which were disinterred from the Alexandria Soldiers Cemetery (Federal) and reinterred in this ground on the 27th day of December, 1878, under the auspices of the "Southern Memorial Association" of Alexandria, Va.

  • William Bamburg, Lieut, 42 Miss.
  • Wm. T. White Sergt. 3, S.C.
  • Daniel A. Keever, Sargt. 25, S.C.
  • Wm. J. Frolic, Sergt. 25, S.C.
  • Daniel V. Frazier ? Corporal, 7, S.C.
  • H.L.B. Fleming, 25, S.C.
  • G.S. Herron, 7, S.C.
  • Henry G. Proctor, 25, S.C.
  • Erastus W. Hays, 25, S.C.
  • Wm. W. Taylor, 25, S.C.
  • Henry A. Strom, 14, S.C.
  • David Robers, 1, S.C.
  • Charles Firtich, 25, S.C.
  • Thos. W. Montgomery, 25, S.C.
  • Jacob W. Redmon, 25, S.C.
  • Abner M. Buzhardt, 11, S.C.
  • Gambriel Cox, 1, S.C.
  • Wesley W. Skipper, 30, N.C.
  • Anderton Brown, 3, N.C.
  • Lemuel Cheeney, 44, N.C.
  • Ashbury Tarpley, 12, Miss.
  • John Carter, 10, Fla.
  • James E. Elder, 25, Tenn.
  • Robert J. Morris, 16, Miss.
  • R. Pittman, 60, Ga.
  • James M. Stuart, Corporal, 48, Va.
  • Alexander Lyles, Richardson's Battery, Va.
  • Gustavus W. Portlock, 6, Va.
  • John Bennet Davis, Partisan Ranger, Va.
  • James Augustine, James Cox, and Thos. T. Royal, a Lieut and one private unknown.

These men were prisoners of war who died in the Federal Hospitals in this city.