December 27 Update

People sent us a variety of photos during Advent, inspired by each word of the day. Many viewers joined us to see the pictures and take a few calm minutes to think and prepare for Christmas. Click here to visit our Facebook page and see all the photos of Picturing Advent.

Picturing Advent

During Advent, we hope you will join us daily for Picturing Advent, a practice we can share as we focus on preparing for the coming of the Christ. We will post a word each day on our website, Facebook page, and share it on Twitter. Let that word inspire you to look around and see it in practice in your world. If you can, capture a photo inspired by the word with your smart phone or camera and share it with us by messaging us on Facebook, mentioning us on Twitter or adding a hashtag on Instagram. 

December 1, Gratitude

December 2, Hospitality

December 3, Waiting

December 4, Proclaim

December 5, Light

December 6, Darkness

December 7, Pregnancy 

December 8, Expectation

December 9, Prepare

December 10, Journey

December 10, Reflection

December 12, Purpose

December 13, Passion

December 14, Change 

December 15, Blue

December 16, Atonement

December 17, Rejoice

December 18, Eve

December 19, Before

December 20, Voice

December 21, Wilderness

December 22, Come 

December 23, Pray 

December 24, Dream 

December 25, Star 

December 26, Miracle

For more on Picturing Advent, click here.

How to Message Christ Church through Facebook

1. Go to
2. Login to your Facebook account
3. Go to the Christ Church Facebook page
4. Click Message
5. Type your message
6. To add a photo, click add photos
7. Choose the photos you would like to add and click open
8. Click send

 How to Hashtag on Twitter

To allow us to find your photos on Twitter, add a hashtag. We, and everyone else, can search for photos with the hashtag. So, for example, the first word for Picturing Advent is Gratitude. When you tweet a photo for Gratitude, not only can you mention us in your tweet @historiccc, you can also add #HCCGratitude. This way we will see that you mentioned us in your tweet or we can search for your photo using #HCCGratitude. Each day of Picturing Advent you can change the word. It will always be #HCC, but you will change the word to the one you are focusing on in your photo.

On Instagram

Add a hashtag of #HCCand the word of the day, for example #HCCGratitude, as a comment to your Instagram photo.


If you have a photo you would like to share, but aren't ready to use the social media above, click here to email it to Tara Knox and we will share it s you.

For example, the word for December 1 was Gratitude: