Stewardship for 2017

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Stewardship is another Christ Church ministry poised for renewed commitments forged through prayer, as well as discernment for where the Spirit is guiding. This ministry arises from scripture that reveals that God gives us everything (life, health, community, time, talent, and treasure), and that God calls us to discern the portions of these gifts to be used for doing Christian work. Our discernments as to the portions of all our time, talent and treasure gifts to be given for God’s work are our individual responsibilities exercised on our Christian formation journeys, and God blesses us for the returned gifts.

With respect to financial stewardship, you now are asked to prayerfully discern and submit a pledge for what we will give to Christ Church for use during the coming year—January through December 2017—to support everything our church does to bring about God’s kingdom. 

Christian pledging indeed is a spiritual discipline that knits us more closely to God through sound budgeting not only for our own finances, but also for the parish in being able to anticipate the offered revenues for setting balanced operating budgets. The earlier we submit our pledges the more time for Christ Church to discern our 2017 budget. Please do not wait, when you’ve discerned your pledge amount, submit it. We then can collaboratively take steps to undertake our funded spiritual journey ministries using our time and talent gifts. 

Click here to make a pledge via a credit card on our secure online webpage or click here to download a pledge card to mail in to our Accounting Office at 118 N. Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314.

If you are interested in making your pledge payment through automatic payroll deductions or bank withdrawals, please contact the Controller at 703.549.1450 x114.

Throughout this year's stewardship campaign, we will be sharing the impact of the many ministries and programs your pledges support. Check our other publications to see the ministries that are supported by each and every pledge.

From October 30

Mike Waschull


Adrianne Wegner

From October 23, Kathleen Hickman

From October 16, Carol Donlan, Rector Search Committee

From October 9, Emily Bryan, Vestry member

From October 2, Tykie Tobin, Treasurer and choir member

From September 25, Tom Hahn, Stewardship Chair


Thank you for your support.


Tom Hahn, Stewardship Committee Chair
Janet Osborn, Vestry Senior Warden

Stewardship Committee
Tom Hahn

Chris Brewster
Stratton Edwards
Tom Hahn
Ken Knapp
Laura Rose
Liza Saunders
Nick Wasilewski
Adrianne Wegner