Mission at Christ Church

Mission is not fundamentally something we do as Christians but a quality of God’s own being. It is not a program of ours but the path of God’s action in the world. The mission of the church, therefore, derives from the mission of God, and it has meaning only in relation to what God is up to in the universe. Already engaged in mission, God simply invites us to participate in what God is doing.
Titus Presler, in Horizons of Mission © 2001
(Volume 11 of the New Church’s Teaching Series)

Here at Christ Church our mission is to discover where God is at work in the world – giving life, hope and help to those in need wherever they may be around the globe – and to discern through prayer and careful deliberation, where we are being called to join in.

Lord God, empower our missionaries in the Holy Spirit as they go, as they point to and proclaim Jesus. May each of us be open to the invitation to go ourselves. We pray that all of us may be empowered and living in the Holy Spirit that we will all live the mission no matter where we are, to the Glory of God and the building up of Your Kingdom. Amen.

Christ Church Mission Brochure 2016


Lent Series 2017

Throughout Lent we will share short videos for “Mission Mondays”where congregants talk about the power mission has had in their lives and their own personal transformation. Consider adding this as a spiritual discipline throughout Lent and ask yourself “How is God calling me to mission?” To help you learn more about our missions, contact chair of the Mission Committee Tom Linthicum  or Melanie Gray.

The March 6 video was from Tom Linthicum. He has been part of several mission trips, including a year-long trip with his wife Dorothy at an Anglican seminary in South Africa. 

On March 13 we heard from Kris Amundson. Kris is a 30-year member of Christ Church. She is a former Vestry member and a former chair of the Mission Committee. She has gone to Honduras on more than 20 mission trips starting in 1996. With two other Christ Church members, she co-founded la BECA, which provides scholarships for many of the OLR girls.

Christ Church on the Go. Through Christ Church On-The-Go, we provide support and fellowship to other Episcopal churches. Contact Betsy Hahn.

Diocese of Renk. Christ Church has maintained a covenant relationship with Bishop Daniel Deng Bul and persecuted Christians in the Diocese of Renk in South Sudan. We have lived faithfully into our covenant through

  • reciprocal visits, including three mission trips to Renk
  • public prayers
  • financial support for vital projects, including construction of St. Matthew’s Cathedral, translation of several books of the Bible into the Dinka tribal language, and the operation of a medical clinic

Friends of Mengo. Christ Church’s relationship with Mengo Hospital was born out of prayer in 1982, when a group of parishioners encountered Gwen Whitaker, a British missionary nurse who served at Mengo for 30 years. She suggested that the group pray for Mengo Hospital, which had just emerged from the chaos and violence of Idi Amin’s rule. Friends of Mengo U.S. grew out of that providential meeting. Contact Betsy Thompson.

Holy Land Mission. The Holy Land Mission at Christ Church seeks to be a force for peace by supporting the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, which encompasses 29 parishes in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel, with Jerusalem as its center. The Diocese has an extensive outreach program that provides services for the community and is a force for peace in a troubled region. The Diocese employs nearly 1500 people and oversees 35 schools, clinics, vocational institutes, and two major hospitals Contact Jane Gilchrist.

Our Little Roses. For over twenty years, Christ Church parishioners journeyed to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for a 10 day mission trip at Our Little Roses, which is a home for fifty-six young girls. Ranging in age from 2 ½ to 18, the girls have previously been abandoned or abused and have lived in extreme poverty. Contact Sarah DeCamps and Liz Hoekstra McAlister.