Nothing says summer vacation more to me than getting lost in a book. As a teenager, I read Gone with the Wind in a single week in August, spending most of my time in various different positions of prone. As an adult, the Washington Post comes every day to our doorstep and we get the Sunday New York Times as well. I read a fairly steady diet of the New Yorker and Christian Century magazines, but a book, especially novels, suggests leisure and respite, an opportunity to disappear into another world.

This summer, things conspired to keep me from getting lost in a novel. That is until last week. I read some memoirs at the beginning of the summer, one called Still: Thoughts on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner and Carry on Warrior: Thoughts on a Life Unarmed by Glennon Doyle Melton. My own interest in developing myself as a writer of creative non-fiction drove my decisions to read those books. They were both moving and authentic in their own way, edifying. But I have been hungering for that literary journey. Last week, I had a stay-cation and set the intention to read a novel. I dug into The Paris Wife by Paula McClain.  It is an historical novel about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife and their life together in Paris in the 1920s as he was just beginning to claim his unique writing voice.  I still have 20 pages to read before it ends. I can’t quite bear to do it. I want to extend my summer as long as possible. Sigh….

Did you read any great books this summer? I’d love to know about them. Other people would, too.